Saraydan Story

While we opened our doors for the first time in 2015, offering guests a unique experience of authentic Turkish food and hospitality, the Saraydan story spans centuries, continents and the meeting of various cultures. Saraydan, which means ‘from the tables of the palace’ is the story of Turkish heritage told in a modern setting. It is a story filled with excitement, drama, heart-warming moments, breathtaking action and a tantalizing mix of flavors. The Saraydan story is part of history, expressed in the form of delightful meals served by our welcoming and attentive staff, in a casual yet opulent environment inspired by Ottoman palaces; it is in the assortment of baked goods freshly made in our bakery and recited in alluring verses of the familiar and the original.


The tradition of Saraydan, which refers to dishes from the Ottoman palaces, are a symphony of flavour, friendship and joy. We wanted to share the movements and taste of this experience to appeal to the modern palate, and spread the passion for Saraydan cuisine where every mouthful is a sign of Turkish hospitality and generosity.

In Turkey, food unites generations and represents our heritage; there are songs written about the love for yogurt and poems about sandwiches and ice cream so supple that it can be used as skipping rope. And whether it is a breathtaking fragrance of rose gardens announcing the arrival of a prosperous spring or the sherbet drink celebrating the birth of a new born child, food is about uniting the rhythms of nature and treasuring life.

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